I have been so busy that I haven`t even remembered to share anything…bad girl me! 😉 But well yes… editing editing, planning, more editing, shooting… I don`t complain! I love my job… only I hate that there are not enough hours in a one day!

My home is a mess, my dog is moping at me… and I think my spouse is too… it his birthday today… and yes, I forget to buy a present. So I am really really bad girl! I`ll be gone again tomorrow all day at wedding and Sunday a meeting another couple, and lots of work to do. But I will see a friend Sunday too, so not all work!

Here`s a photos from Minna`s & Markus`s wedding few weeks back, lovely lovely lovely couple! I have known Minna for years, we were briefly working at the same office once years ago. She is a…

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