… She said, “I don’t drink”
“But sometimes I need a stiff drink”
“Sipping from a high, full glass”
“Let the world fade away”
She said, “I don’t smoke”
“But sometimes I need a long drag”
“Yeah, I know it might sound bad”
“But sometimes I need a smoke break”… ” Carrie Underwood Smoke Break

Yeah, I have listened to some country music over the weekend! I am not so much of a country music fan, but there are few artists who I really dig and I have learned to appreciate country music over the years. I just heard that new Carrie Underwood song last week, and I was like hey, I have a photo which just suits for that, or song suits for my photo, either way, I like that song!

I did get a little strength back over the weekend, music, nature, some quality time with my boys……

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