I wish time was still


“If it`s still in your mind, it is worth taking the risk “ Paulo Coelho

Yes… taking a risk… I am not a big risk taker… but I do feel that with my photography I am willing to take risk. Because I do want stay true to myself, and myself or my work is not always that what`s hot and trendy right now. I am not a hipster 😉 Well, I have always been like in my own world… in my mind I am much more bold that in real life. You should see how I dress in my head 😉 And my dreams and goals with photography is whole lotta different world it`s own… I wish I can actually make some of those happen in this real lifetime.

And taking a risk…and making some dreams come true… I haven`t had a real vacation since my spouse paralyzed… almost 3…

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Fifty-Two Weeks of Adventure #41: Everyday I’m Tutoring, Tutoring

Such Small Hands

Even though tutoring is an ordinary part of many people’s education, the word “tutor” still conjures up a 19th century Ichabod Crane type schoolmaster in my mind. It also always makes me think of this comic which my friend Christina’s family has a long-running joke about.


I enjoy tutoring because unlike most classroom teaching I have the opportunity to work one-on-one with students and can try more than one method of explaining something until the student understands. The thing that makes tutoring an adventure for me is that I rarely know ahead of time what assignments the student will bring to work on together, but it’s my job to be competent to help them with whatever they’ve been assigned. This sometimes means a quick Google refresher coupled with liberal use of the Socratic method (“What do you think it means, Johnny?”) and a healthy dash of BS. I will admit…

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Jeremy’s fabulous room…

Because I'm Fabulous

Back in the spring I painted my bedroom and blithely announced that Jeremy’s room would be next. I figured we’d be painting zir room within the month but every time it was cleaned zie’d trash it within days. Plus I’d bring up painting and Jeremy would insist zir room was just fine the way it was and zie certainly didn’t need paint. Just buy zir a video game instead. Like zie needs any more.

I thought about how nervous I’d been when I first started painting. I was terrified I’d made a horrible mistake and I’d end up hating my room. The reverse was true. I settled down to tell Jeremy just that and promised it would be the same for zir. The next day we found purple floral sheers on clearance at Giant Tiger, which Jeremy loved, and then zie was tentatively on board.

We bought Palace Purple paint then settled…

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Tehnica angelica pentru taierea corzilor energetice

Vindeca Viata


Atunci cand va simtiti blocati in situatii aparent fara iesire sau viata voastra sentimentala sau sociala are de suferit folositi aceasta tehnica simpla pentru a taia cordoanele energetice fata relatiile din trecut care nu va mai servesc.
In timpul procesului toate energiile negative vor fi transformate in energii pozitive.

Intai alegeti un moment potrivit cand stiti ca nu va deranjeaza nimeni,asezati-va intr-o pozitie confortabila, inchideti ochii si faceti cateva exercitii de respiratie care au ca scop sa va centreze in Fiinta voastra si sa va relaxeze intregul corp. Cand sunteti complet relaxati incepeti:

1. Invocati-l pe Arhanghelul Mihail pentru a va taia orice coarda energetica care nu este spre binele vostru cel mai inalt. Vizualizati cu ochii mintii cum acest Arhanghel minunat cu sabia sa taie dintr-o miscare niste corzi care arata precum cordoanele ombilicale ce leaga mama de fat ,ele va leaga de relatii vechi,de oameni care v-au generat…

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Îți vor spune…

Trubadur prin Avalon

pretty woman

Dacă privești cu atenție ochii și buzele unei femei vei fi uimit de cât de multe povești îți pot spune. Fără cuvinte și în locul cuvintelor. O femeie își adună în ochi și în buze toate trăirile de moment sau de o viață. De aici vei afla fără să o întrebi dacă e fericită, tristă, veselă, îngândurată, îndrăgostită ori dezamăgită. Și, cel mai important, tot ochii și buzele ei îți vor spune dacă e loc și pentru tine în viața sa.

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Just breathe


“I can feel the magic floating in the air
Being with you gets me that way
I watch the sunlight dance across your face and I’ve
Never been this swept away” Breathe by Faith Hill

Here`s a little sneak peek from our shoot with my muse Alma. I enjoy always so much shooting with her, it`s like she always knows what I am looking for. Of course we have been shooting together so many times already that I guess I could say we have sort of connection already! We both love vintage clothes, like here she had a beautiful dress from the 60`s I guess, and it was never even been worn! Just perfect for our shoot.

I have been wanting to do a garden shoot, but haven`t really found nice one, so we did this shoot on my father`s backyard 😉 Maybe it wasn`t exactly what I had in…

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Smoke Break


… She said, “I don’t drink”
“But sometimes I need a stiff drink”
“Sipping from a high, full glass”
“Let the world fade away”
She said, “I don’t smoke”
“But sometimes I need a long drag”
“Yeah, I know it might sound bad”
“But sometimes I need a smoke break”… ” Carrie Underwood Smoke Break

Yeah, I have listened to some country music over the weekend! I am not so much of a country music fan, but there are few artists who I really dig and I have learned to appreciate country music over the years. I just heard that new Carrie Underwood song last week, and I was like hey, I have a photo which just suits for that, or song suits for my photo, either way, I like that song!

I did get a little strength back over the weekend, music, nature, some quality time with my boys……

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